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Thread Rolling Machine Z28-60


Bar rolling: thread rolling machine is a multifunctional cold forming machine. It can straighten, title, knurl ect roll thread on the work piece at normal temperature within the range of rolling pressure, it can also be used for straightening, reducing diameter, blank rolling, oil groove and other forming rolling processes. The machine has a safe and reliable electrical-hydraulic execution and control system that allows each duty cycle to be cycled in manual, semi-automatic and automatic moders.

Suitable for precision external threads, splines and large modulus worm

● Hydraulic power, pressure adjustable

● Worm gear box with high pressure is stable and reliable

● Easy to operate and adjust

● In feed and thru feed both way, high efficiency and stable

1Max rolling pressure600 KN
2Min/Max component diameter50-80 mm
3Max die outside diameter220 mm
4Speed rang (at customers request)16,22,32,45,63,90
5Min/Max inclination0-10
6Main motor (inverted)22 KW
7Hydraulic motor5.5 KW
8Gross weight (approx.)5000 KG
9Dimension L×W×H (approx. mm)2300×1420×1600


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